CSS 2020 Virtual Conference Technology Requirements

Please check back here often. There may be improvements, changes, or better helpful hints as the conference approaches.

This year’s conference is virtual and will be conducted using the Zoom video conference platform. As a virtual conference, participants will need to be aware of both timing and technology requirements. The conference will be scheduled in Mountain Daylight Time which is -7 UTC (e.g., 9:00 am MDT is 11:00 am EDT or 8:00 am PDT) so please plan accordingly.

The Zoom technology works on most modern computers, both Mac and PC; minimum specification can be found here. Generally speaking, if your computer is running Windows 10 (or OS X 10.10 or higher), then Zoom will work on it. You will need administrative rights to download and run the required Zoom app; so if you don’t have this, we suggest that you get with your IT specialist to arrange Zoom installation. If you do have administrative rights, you will be prompted to download and run Zoom the first time you use it.


If you are a participant, you will need speakers or headphones on your machine to listen to the presenters. You should keep your microphone muted whenever you are not speaking to prevent background noise from interrupting the presentation.

To ask a question during the question and answer period, open the Participants window in Zoom and click the Raise Hand link. Don’t forget to unmute your microphone when you’re called on, then mute it again to reduce background noise.


If you are a presenter, you will need a working microphone (which you can setup with Zoom once the app opens) and, preferably, a video camera. We will provide speakers some time to setup their presentations, this includes setting up sharing their screens if you want to be in control of the presentation. Please log into Zoom 20 mins before your presentation so that we can setup your presentation immediately after the previous presenter. If you plan to share video, or a simulation run, please bear in mind that video quality is not great over the internet and some details could be lost.

It is strongly suggested that presentations only include live simulations or other video content if it essential to the presentation. Active screen content increases the bandwidth which demands a high-bandwidth Internet connection on the presenter’s end. Additionally, not all participants will have sufficient bandwidth at their ends so, for some attendees, many frames will be dropped and the point lost.

Remote Presentation and Backup Slides

Presenters with low-bandwidth may have to present by audio-only, meaning that the session chair will have to display the presentation slides. Since bandwidth problems can arise at any time, all presentations will be submitted in PDF format to the conference organizers by October 1st, 2020. Please use this naming convention: DAY_TIME_Name.pdf, for example, SUN_0915_smith.pdf.