Membership in the CSSSA requires an annual membership fee of $50.

You can sign up or renew your membership here. Already a member? manage your account here.

The fees collected provide the stable funding required to secure conference facilities, pay legal fees to function as a professional non-profit organization, and pay for website hosting. In addition to keeping CSSSA financially solvent in meeting these requirements the membership fee provides these benefits:

  • CSSSA members can review and discuss conference papers on the CSSSA website forums.
  • Be a voting member of the CSSSA society, nominate and vote on society officers and society direction.
  • Participate in online CSSSA discussion forums on scientific advances, funding opportunities, job postings, calls for papers, and recent publications and proposals.
  • Each member will be allowed a one page professional bio on the CSSSA website describing your work and linking to your own CSS related webpage(s).
  • Read/write access to a CSS bibliography Zotero database.

No portion of the membership fees, nor any other money received by the CSSSA, goes to any CSSSA member or officer as salary or fee for service. CSSSA officers and staff work on a strictly volunteer basis. The financial statements and conference budgets for CSSSA will be accessible to CSSSA members on the CSSSA website.

If you would like to make a donation to CSSSA to help promote the field of Computational Social Science you can do so here. Donated funds go to the organization as a whole, organization members, officers, and board members work on a strictly volunteer basis. Thank you.

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