CSSSA2016 Papers

In the short-run we are all dead: Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in a Computational General Equilibrium model 
Davoud Taghawi-Nejad

The Human Group Optimization (HGO) algorithm: Exploiting the collective intelligence of human groups as an optimization tool for complex landscapes
Ilario De Vincenzo, Ilaria Giannoccaro and Giuseppe Carbone

Rethinking sentiment analysis and “master narratives”: an alternative unsupervised text analytics approach using “information space differences”
Peter Chew and Jessica Turnley

Planning of Bus Transportation by Using Traffic Simulation
Hiroyasu Matsushima, Hideki Fujii, Tomohisa Yamashita and Itsuki Noda

A Recipe for Social Change: Indirect Minority Influence and Cognitive Rebalancing
Jiin Jung and Aaron Bramson

Towards Decision Making Systems from Data Ethnography
Ray Parra, Manuel Castañón-Puga, Carelia Gaxiola and Dante Suarez

Sheep, contrarians and saboteurs: disruptors in friendship games
David Dixon

The Surprising Effect of Implementation Choices on the Rate of Convergence of Opinion Dynamics Models
Stephen Davies and Hannah Zontine

The Importance of Product Space Complexity in Agent-Based Computational Economics
Ivan Garibay, Chathika Gunaratne, Mustafa Akbas and Ozlem Ozmen

Measuring Behavioral Health Stigma as a Complex Adaptive System
Farah Tokmic, Mirsad Hadžikadic, James Cook and Oleg Tcheremissine

Understanding Health Disparities in an Influenza Epidemic
Lijing Wang, Jiangzhuo Chen and Achla Marathe

Comparing Social Capital and Spatial Use Patterns in Three Hamilton Census Tracts
Milton Friesen

MASON NorthLands: A Geospatial Agent-Based Model of Coupled Human-Artificial-Natural Systems in Boreal and Arctic Regions
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, J. Daniel Rogers, Paul S. Schopf, Sean Luke, Jeffrey Bassett, Atesmachew Hailegiorgis, William G. Kennedy, Peter Revay, Meghan Mulkerin, Madeline Shaffer and Ermo Wei

An Agent-Based Simulation of Stock Market to Analyze the Influence of Trader Characteristics on Financial Market Phenomena
Yasaman Kamyab Hessary and Mirsad Hadžikadic

Social Spatial Heterogeneity and System Entrainment in Modeling Human and Nature Dynamics
Zining Yang, Mark Abdollahian and Patrick Neal

Towards an ABM for civil revolution: Modeling Emergence of Protesters, Military Decisions, and Resulting State of the Institution
Salwa Ismail

Inferring Social Network Structure from Incident Size Distribution in Iraq
Tim Gulden

A Dual-Inheritance Model of Cultural Evolution with Agents
Peter Froncek Revay and Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

The Origin of Agriculture in the Peiligang Culture: An Agent-based Modeling Approach
Yang Zhou

Metabolic basis of complex adaptive systems
Vince Kane

Close, But Not Close Enough: A Spatial Agent-Based Model of Manager-Subordinate Proximity
Thomas Briggs and Andrew Crooks