CSSSA 2012 Papers

Note: discussions are open to 2012 contributors only.

Flocken, Carissa; Carmichael, Ted; Hadzikadic, Mirsad
The Role of Uninformed Individuals in Making the Right Group Decisions Discussion

Galas, Michal; Brown, Dan; Treleaven, Philip
A Computational Social Science Environment for Financial/Economic Experiments Discussion

Geller, Armando; Latek, Maciej; Rizi, Seyed M. Mussavi; Fournier, Stephane; Prenot-Guinard, Francois
Contexts as reasoning and action frames for multiagent societies Discussion

Gonnering, Russell S.
Modeling the Spread of a “Cultural Meme” Through an Organization Discussion

Griffin, William A.; Li, Xun
Unsupervised Learning of Dyadic Processes: Models, Methods, and Simulation Discussion

Gulden, Timothy
Modeling Selective Violence in the Guatemalan Civil War Discussion

Hagmann, David; Tassier, Troy
Spatial Coordination Games with Agent Turnover Discussion

Hailegiorgis, Atesmachew; Crooks, Andrew T.
Agent-based modeling for Humanitarian Issues: Disease and Refugee Camps Discussion

Latek, Maciej M.; Rizi, Seyed M. Mussavi; Crooks, Andrew T.; Fraser, Mark
A Spatial Multiagent Model of Border Security for the Arizona–Sonora Borderland Discussion

Lawless, William F
Incompleteness, uncertainty and autonomy: Intelligent systems Discussion

Mappus, Rudolph L. IV; Briscoe, Erica; Hutto, C. J.
Effects of exogenous input on adoption rates in social networks Discussion

Marlin, Benjamin; Sohn, Han-suk
Demand Based Balance of Flow Manpower Modeling for Education Policy in Afghanistan Discussion

Outkin, Alexander V.
An Agent-based Model of the Nasdaq Stock Market: Historic Validation and Future Directions

Parunak, H. Van Dyke; Brooks, Hugh S.; Brueckner, Sven; Gupta, Ravi
Dynamically Tracking the Real World in a CSS Model Discussion

Sack, Graham; Wu, Daniel; Zusman, Benjamin
Simulating the Cultural Evolution of Literary Genres

Schoon, Michael; Baggio, Jacopo; Salau, Kehinde; Janssen, Marco
Modeling Decision-making across Habitat Patches: Insights on Large- Scale Conservation Management Discussion

Wise, Sarah; Scott, Steve
The Puck Stops Here: Evolving Social Norms of Helmet Usage in the National Hockey League Discussion

Yang, Zining; Abdollahian, Mark; Nelson, Hal; Close, Brett
Getting to Yes: The Sustainable Energy Modeling Project (SEMPro) Model of Infrastructure Siting Discussion