Job Postings

CSSSA is occasionally asked to post job openings.

University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center (SRC) in the Institute for Social Research (ISR) is seeking an Assistant/Associate/Research Professor. Link to position description and application instructions.

Université Côte d’Azur in Nice (France) is seeking an ABM modeller for a one-year postdoc position.
Link to position description.

MITRE has a growing research program in Computational Finance (CompFi) with signature products that have been applied to solve sponsor problems. CompFi at MITRE has recently been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

The US capital markets are both the envy of the global markets and the cornerstone of the US financial system. Yet, the complexity of these markets presents supervisory challenges for several of our sponsors.  MITRE is uniquely positioned to exploit both novel data and analytical tools to address prevailing problems regarding the financial system.

MITRE’s interdisciplinary staff use an array of approaches from the fields of data analytics, operations research, modeling & simulation, computer science, and the physical, life, and social sciences to help MITRE’s sponsors develop a deep, causal understanding of the dynamics of their problems and identify and evaluate potential interventions in rigorous, intuitive, and analytically defensible ways.

MITRE’s research program in Computational Finance will:

  • Develop novel empirical measures of the complex dynamics which emerge from today’s financial system.
  • Leverage these novel measures in the design, development and deployment of the next generation of computational models of the financial system.
  • Apply this next generation of computational models to inform solutions to prevailing problems facing MITRE’s sponsors.
  • Enhance MITRE’s technical stature in the S&T community through publication in leading, scientific journals.

To find more information or to apply please visit this website: