Sexually differentiated philopatry and dispersal: A demonstration of the Baldwin effect and genetic drift

Ovi Chris Rouly and William G. Kennedy

This describes a computer simulation that demonstrated the Sewall Wright effect, or genetic drift, in artificial Hominids. It spanned the interdisciplinary intersection of ontogenetic evolution, sexually differentiated philopatry and dispersal, attitude bias, and cognitive dissonance. The simulation involved an individual-based model with biomimetic, Hominin-inspired agents possessing individual artificial chromosomes and occupying a foragable and seasonally modulated terrain. Driven by attitude biased foraging, behavioral phenocopy, and individual cognitive and physiological mechanisms the agents demonstrated socio-spatial fission and fusion, and sexually differentiated philopatric dispersal. Post-experiment results showed that if sexually differentiated philopatry and dispersal were conjoined with attitude biased foraging; the distribution of genetic values within an aggregate and affected population would change.

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